Red, beige and Showyoumakeup

At the moment for me everything is about redheads.
I myself always wear some kind of red on my head, but that’s not what i’m talking about.

Did you notice that red hair is a fashion trend thos fall/winter?
Not only mandatory by essential looks or trend proclamations of the hairdressing guild, no, it seems like people on the streets already decided by themselves to wear all kinds of red tinged hair.

i think it’s awesome to not see so many badly bleached normal people who all try to look the same (cookie cutter anyone?), but brave ones who dare to emphasize their type, who enhance certain aspects, accentuate more than hide.
I’m not saying everyone has to shave their sides and wear purple lipstick, but no one should hide behind BEIGE.
Beige is my anti-colour: not too light, not too bright, you can hide in the crowd… ’neutral‘ is another weird word -you either like something or you don’t, style can’t be neutral, an opinion can’t be neutral. Beige is if you don’t dare to express.
Beige is bleergh.
Red is for signals, red is bright, no matter how lightly you use it red stands out, red makes it interesting.

Today i wanted to introduce someone here who i absolutely adore on youtube for quite some time now, i like her and her style.

Stine has her own Make-up Channel and is from denmark. she is a mac make-up artist, funny, tattooed, always very fashionable and still grounded -and her MU looks are fresh and always new and -different.
She doesn’t just copy, she gets inspired and creates something quite unique out of it.

You can always see the borderline between crazy and wearable.
And: she has red hair!

I stop myself from babbling now, go check her out and tell me what you think!



Frisette aus Bochum. Mag Serienmörder und Alexander McQueen. Redbull und lange Schlafen. Nietzsche und Doris Day. Hat zu wenig Schrank für zu viel alles und Sprachstörigkeiten. hairdresser from Bochum/Ger. likes serial killers and alexander mcqueen. redbull and sleeping. nietzsche and doris day. has too little closet for too much everything and language probs.
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