why didn’t they choose Dusseldorf?

As many already know, after success in Frankfurt and Bremen Primark is opening a store in Gelsenkirchen’s inner city in the former SinnLeffers building the beginning of december (GE rumors have it at the 7th).
Applaud and jubilate.

After two relaxing weeks of vacation time in which I did absolutely nothing, stayed up til 6, slept, read, watched 6 seasons of ‚medium‘ (dont ask, it’s a love-hate-relationship) and surfed the interweb i came back to the salon today for the first time and realised -while checking the chic magazines (a stylist has to know what stars looks like so that some guy can pick the cut of a rapper dude for his head if he likes…and if he has to) that the new issue of Joy features Primark in a big way:
A lot of the fashion in the big photo spread „Topmode unter 50€“ is by them.
And looks stunning!

Since I was allowed to experience Primark in England for the first time, I’m a fan.
Back then I spent 4hours in the store and didn’t even get past the first floor -we had to come back the next day to go on shopping 😉

I love english fashion.I like the british fashion sense.
Trend scouts are all over London at all times. Contradicting style mixes, fleamarket meets high end, avant-garde design projects combined with style-confident business people, buskers etc show:
they dare to be trendsetters and flow into the ‚homogenous‘ mass of city dwellers at the same time. outfit here means style from „head to toe“, even the socks match the shirt.
But it’s not that you only find those ’style florists‘ in big cities as London or Manchester, but also in poorer midlands small towns like Stoke-on-Trent or Kingston-upon-thames.
Before Burberry presented its new military chic in the fall collection it was already seen on England’s streets.

You can find many discussions on the web on why the heck Primark chose Gelsenkirchen as their 3rd stand in Germany instead of Cologne or Dusseldorf.
I think they chose wisely. Primark works quite well in poorer regions and Gelsenkirchen with it’s 14% unemployment rate is the best instance.
♠ cheap rent
♠ ideal building to use (Primark usually goes in the same Size range as Karstadt or SinnLeffers) right in the middle of the shopping area
♠ lots of job-seekers of a related trade
♠ costumers who are interested and needy
Be honest to yourselves, no one in their right mind goes to Dusseldorf because the shops are inexpensive or the dollar stores look so nice.
Primark provides affordable fashion (like sweaters for 4bucks) of the newest lines without turning it into not-so-stretch leggings and mom’s favourite moomoo.
Affordable, not cheap.

If I have the day off I’m definitely gonna be there for the opening, if not you can find me there just a few days after
-military coats for 25€, yay!


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