For charity

Today I went to Gelsenkirchen to visit Jana.
With the doggy in tow (who then got his own christmas elf costume at Tedi -I’m sure there’ll be pictures in december).

turtle neck-Primark, belt-colloseum, overskirt+1.petticoat selfmade, grey tulle skirt-river island/uk, tights-NewYorker, legwarmers-h&m, shoes-Demonia

So we went to the welfare shop. Secondhand shops (real 2ndhand shops, not those crazy expensive nonsense shops with 50bucks-socalled-70s-nylonshirts) are so much fun. And you can really finds treasures!

I still whine about my old kids books, which I took with me when I moved out -and which died a horrible death in the rain flooded basement of my first appartment.
Most of them aren’t in print anymore -most publishers don’t even exist anymore! Some I got as a handmedown from my big sister. All gone.


Because of that I go through battered and some almost new books in all those small nested shops looking out for Petra, Dolly, Bille and the others.
Today I was lucky and found „Urmel aus dem Eis“ -edition 1969.
And a thin 80s patent leather belt got in my bag as well (works great as a waist belt for the XL-trend).
80cents in total.

The assortment changes at least every week if not more frequently, donations come in all the time, so it’s worth it to come by more often. -and you do something good, you give back.


Last time I was there I got a long denim coat (some unknown spanish brand) for 3bucks, a couple of yards of fine wool fabric -1,80€, a whole bag of brass dome buttons -50cents…
But there can also be antiquities, crystal glasses, vases, fur carpets and lots of other stuff.
Go and dig for treasures!



Frisette aus Bochum. Mag Serienmörder und Alexander McQueen. Redbull und lange Schlafen. Nietzsche und Doris Day. Hat zu wenig Schrank für zu viel alles und Sprachstörigkeiten. hairdresser from Bochum/Ger. likes serial killers and alexander mcqueen. redbull and sleeping. nietzsche and doris day. has too little closet for too much everything and language probs.
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