German Hairdressing Award 2011 (english version)

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It is that time again.
The German Hairdressing Award is in its final round.
I took part this year again and with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth i opened the big envelope -to find only a participants certificate.
Too bad.
We worked so hard this year. -but with every year we get better and maybe next time…

for category „women – west“(for the western part of germany):

hair + mua: the addict


for „avantgarde“:

fashion: Tolllkirsche - Plastik-und Textilcouture

the mad hatter?

A huuuuuge thankyou goes to the wonderful Jana Jaguar, with whom i already worked last year’s competition-
Some of her work you can appreciate at
You can book her for band, fashion and portrait photographie and many more projects, go’n check her out, she’s awesome!

The fashion in the avantgarde series is by Tolllkirsche.
On the website, you can buy the collection in the shop, ask Michaela about one of a kind designs (she does them -with lots of love and proficiency!), appreciate the great gallery or check the list of shops where you can get her designs.

Special thanks goes again to Michaela Glasstetter, who not only provided her designs for the shoot but also herself as a model and to Dae Joon and Larissa Pieper for the time, patience and hard work. You are all awesome!

Hair, hairy hats and make-up all by me.



Frisette aus Bochum. Mag Serienmörder und Alexander McQueen. Redbull und lange Schlafen. Nietzsche und Doris Day. Hat zu wenig Schrank für zu viel alles und Sprachstörigkeiten. hairdresser from Bochum/Ger. likes serial killers and alexander mcqueen. redbull and sleeping. nietzsche and doris day. has too little closet for too much everything and language probs.
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