Literally and artistic finds

I almost feel bad about abandoning this blog for a month -almost.
work, work, buying presents and enjoying the holiuday season and work got in the way, I can live with that
and I hope you, too.

So while I’m here I wanted to share some of my internet finds with you.
this time it’s all about

literally and artistic

the first two are by the same great guy : Alex Noriega.
1. Your Mother Likes It

funny, sarcastic little illustrations / short cartoons like this one

2. Stuff No One Told Me (but i learned anyway)

-and other wise things to know

the amazing Liz Prince!
3. there is no liz, only zuul
ALONE FOREVER 20: MY FRIENDS ARE DICKS  and other nice comics

4. Kris Atomic
then there is Kristina, freelance illustrator and she takes awesome photos,too!an online collector of everything inspirational to her, take a look at her blog abd see for yourselves.

5. Contrariwise
a website collecting pictures of literary tattoos, not just words, but art. sometimes there are theme weeks etc.

6. weird quotes
exactly what it says here.
if you enjoy things like „You can’t trample infidels when you’re a tortoise. I mean, all you could do is give them a meaningful look.“ (that’s by the great Terry Pratchett btw) it’s a fun site for you.

and that’s it for today. if you’re nice and go to bed without a hussle i’ll give you some great makeup tutorial, review etc sites next time. how is that?
so good night, little audience, let me go to bed dreaming of my e.l.f. order, that’s on its way to me and my friends…*g*



Frisette aus Bochum. Mag Serienmörder und Alexander McQueen. Redbull und lange Schlafen. Nietzsche und Doris Day. Hat zu wenig Schrank für zu viel alles und Sprachstörigkeiten. hairdresser from Bochum/Ger. likes serial killers and alexander mcqueen. redbull and sleeping. nietzsche and doris day. has too little closet for too much everything and language probs.
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